We offer a wide range of energy-efficient, high quality gas and oil-fired boilers for industrial use. Gas-fired, oil-fired and combination oil/gas fired boilers for commercial use, including in restaurants, hotels, Garments, Textile, Pharmaceuticals and other commercial and institutional facilities

Oil/Gas Fired Boilers

Oil/Gas Fired Boilers are the basic 3 pass internal furnace smoke tube type design in which flue gases are inside the tubes while water is outside the tubes in the shell. The combustion of oil and gas in a furnace requires atomization of the fuel.Since the fuel entering the burner in bulk amount is either in liquid or gas form, therefore it needs to be separated in fine droplets so that every last particle of the fuel could get burnt without leaving any traces.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler processes gas turbine and biogas gensets exhaust. It is customized in both smoke tube and water tube type construction with a compact design. It offers higher efficiency and fully automated operation.

  • Gas turbine generator exhaust.
  • Process gas turbine, biogas gensets exhaust.
  • Rigid and compact design.
  • Higher efficiency.
  • Fully automated operation.

Water Tube Coil Type Boiler

Industrial Electric Boiler or electrode type steam boilers are a unique type of design where you do not have to worry about any fuel and it’s handling problems because they do not use any fuel for heating. You also don’t have to worry about the pollution norms, since fuel is not required so flue gases will not be generated which are generally the main sources of pollution.Overall, Electra is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, ready to start boilers which can also be installed in a closed area or room and requires very less space.

Electric Electrode Boiler

Revosteam is mostly oil-fired or gas fired boilers which include burner assembly to fire oil or gas. It incorporates the unique principle of combustion known as “Reverse Flow”.

Reverse flow means that flue gas reverses its path when they hit the bottom of the shell.

This flow of flue gases enhances the combustion efficiency and also allows a high rate of heat release to the surrounding water coil.

Boiler Chimney

SUPER STEAM has been a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of boiler chimney’ s (stacks) for the last 5 years. We have supplied boiler chimneys in Bangladesh and also across the world.

Self-supported type Chimneys can be provided suiting the boiler size. It can be designed and manufactured as per IS-6533 standard to ensure compliance.