We are an industry-leading supplier of high-quality industrial fans and blowers. We offer a complete range of EOS, EWS industrial fans, and blowers for a variety of applications—Axial, Tube Axial, Centrifugal, HVLS, Plug, and Plenum Fans of different designs, sizes, and capacities

Fiberglass Cone Fans

The Fiberglass Cone Fan Vplus is our answer to the energy challenge: a super efficient variable speed fan with substantial energy savings. This fan with a permanent magnet motor is the next step to support you in lowering your energy consumption. Over-ventilation is avoided by the ability to control the fans and the total number of fans is reduced by the high air performance. This Fiberglass Cone Fan Vplus ranks amongst the highest in airflow performance/efficiency and air flow ratio.

Galvanized Box Fans

The high-performance Galvanized Box Fan effectively helps you to ventilate the air in large buildings. Thanks to their compact design, these fans are easy to install in a wall taking in minimum space. In addition, the design allows the use of air filters.

High Pressure Fans

Our axial High Pressure Fan is the most reliable solution for situations requiring a high stable pressure range. For that reason, our High Pressure Fans are mainly used for central exhaust systems and drying installations.

EMI Panel Fans

As one of the most versatile fans in our range, the Panel Fan provides you with endless possibilities.  Generally, Panel Fans are mounted inside a wall. Because we offer these fans in a variety of sizes and versions, we are always able to offer a product that meets all ventilation needs.

Horizontal Circulation Fan

This fan efficiently and powerfully recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate. Especially suitable for environments with high temperatures and humidity.